Kensington Market as Cultural Landscape


May 6, 2016

Toronto's Kensington Market bustles with fishmongers and vintage fashion, cheese and churros, bongo buskers and street festivals. Perfect fodder for a Jane's Walk with a cultural landscape approach. The NCCL produced the Kensington Market as Cultural Landscape walk as part of Jane's Walk 2016 and ICOMOS Canada's 2016 workshop, "Heritage and Democracy: Bringing Heritage out of History and into the City". On this walk, we experienced the Market through the perspectives of multiple local residents and activists. Our guides discussed the neighbourhood’s roots and identity, recent threats to its dynamic character, and community initiatives that have contributed to its spirit.

Who is Kensington Market's community? How does the Market exist in the cultural imagination? And where does the Market’s value lie? These are some of the questions that were asked along the way.